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Natural Birch Cabinetry with a raise panel door style.  Conferred cabinet height.  This is a G shaped kitchen with a full island cabinet. Paint Grade: White Cabinetry with French lite, upper cabinets. This is a L shaped kitchen with a island cabinet. Maple Cabinetry with a flat panel door style, finished with a clear natural finish.  

Value vs. Cost

  • A new Kitchen with quality design & cabinetry will add 80% to 95% to the resale value of your home.
  • California Custom Cabinets are meet to last, and look great for years.
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Design + Quality Craftsmanship  + Quality Wood

= "California Custom Cabinets"

Personalized service through out your new home project. Our  specialized computer program  designs & builds the cabinets with our an in house shop, we can tailor the job to your specifications.  We offer many styles of cabinetry for your every need. We use the highest quality materials (No press board used) only really wood, which is a green product, our product provided you service for years and look great during those years. Call Today for your New Cabinets -


What's  New

  • New Cabinet Hardware - Call (209) 465-9104
  • Kitchen Design 101 - Call now on Classes
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